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1st Grade

Winter's Here!

17 Students
Mrs. Beth Carstens

During Advent, we learned all the different names Jesus is called. We watched a short video each day from the Holy Heroes series and we made our own Advent Wreaths. Each Tuesday afternoon, we met with the rest of the school for a special lesson about Advent and to light a candle on the wreath.

Did you lose your spelling words?

One fun way to brighten up the winter months is Flashlight Friday! It's fun to read in the dark!

A great website to practice early reading skills is Starfall. It is fun and educational and a great way to review things we are working on in school. Most of the site is free.

A great paid site is abcmouse. You can follow your own learning path or pick and choose activities.

Of course, the best thing your student can do to increase their reading skills is to READ as often as possible. Watch for those little readers to come home from school and listen to what your student can do!