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1st Grade

Mrs. Beth Carstens
11 students

We are off to a FANTASTIC start! The first graders are reading short vowel words and working on basic addition facts. We have two wonderful technology programs, Redbird for math and Lexia for reading. These programs adapt to students' ability so they can work on just what they need!

October is the month of the Rosary. We've been learning about the Mysteries of the Rosary in Religion class and saying a rosary with the whole school each week. Have you said a rosary at home yet? Make sure to send us a note so we can add you to our Rosary wall!

Updated by Monday of the week of the test

Keep this site bookmarked for pictures, news and updates on technology you can use at home. 

A great site to get started with is abcmouse. You can follow your own learning path or pick and choose activities. Email bcarstens@sta.esu7.org for FREE login information.

Watch for a note about how to use xtra math at home. It's a great way to practice those math facts!