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1st Grade

22 Students
Mrs. Beth Carstens

Can you believe we are in the fourth quarter of first grade? These 22 students have been so busy learning to read, write and learn their math facts. They have learned about the 7 Sacraments, all about maps and animals. They are almost ready to go to second grade!

Looking for a fun way to learn and review math facts? Try SlateMath on the ipad or abcya on the computer.

You should have gotten a code to use abcmouse for FREE at home. Our first and second graders are in a trial looking at whether or not abcmouse can increase reading ability. We try to do 20 activities on abcmouse each week. This usually happens during computer time or during a round of Daily 5.

Another great website to practice early reading skills is Starfall. It is fun and educational and a great way to review things we are working on in school. Most of the site is free.

Of course, the best thing your student can do to increase their reading skills is to READ as often as possible. Watch for those little readers to come home from school and listen to what your student can do!