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2nd Grade

12 students


1st Reconciliation - March 2, 2017
First Holy Communion - March 26, 2017

The 2nd Grade Class of 2016-2017


The end of March was very exciting for the 2nd graders as they received their First Holy Communion!  It was a beautiful day for them and their parents!  Let us pray that they are always as excited to receive Jesus as they were that very first time.  Be sure to click on the link of the Home page to see pictures of that special day!
April is a busy month as we will soon begin Holy Week.  Holy Week is a very special week in the Church Year as it leads us to the Triduum -  the three holiest days of the Church Year.  The foundation of our faith is based on those three days.  There will be special Masses/Services for those days.  Be sure to check the bulletin for times.  Those days provide an opportunity to take your children to Mass and celebrate our faith.  Children are very curious so these services could lead to a great discussion about how much Jesus loves us!  Hope to see some of you at those special days!
On April 28, we will hold our annual Walk for Education.  The students will raise money for our school by walking/running.  The students who have participated in Saints on the Sprint will actually walk/run a 5K that day.  We will be looking for parent volunteers to help us with that activity.  We plan on starting at 1:30.
As always, read, read, and read some more every night.  Nonfiction reading is the best, but any reading will do.  Reading picture books to a younger brother or sister works great.  Practicing math flashcards too helps the students to master those skills as next year they will be tested on multiplication and division along with addition and subtraction. 

Important Dates:
 2nd grade Masses - April 6 and 21
Arby's Night - April 11
Easter Break - April 13-17
Walk for Education - April 28

Photos to View:

Funny thoughts to make you laugh:
What do you call a rabbit with fleas?  Bugs Bunny
How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?  He does eggs-ercise and hare-robics.
Why did the Easter egg hide?  It was a little chicken.
How do eggs get off the highway?  They go through the "eggs-it."
What do eggs do when the light turns green?  They egg-cellerate.